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F/A-18C,E version


F/A-18C,E  cockpit made from 10 mm thick Coreflute PVC board and fuselage from Alubond sandwich.

Ready for various flying gear, designed for Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle and Saitek pedals. HOLES in consoles and MIP for acrylic instrument panels, Middle instrument panel have all display housings with pvc bezels and dummy glow in the dark displays. You can send us reference photo of your 

prefered camouflage and the callsign and we will print it on the kit.

Cockpit is send as a flat packed kit, for assembly service please contact us.


Seat ,instrument panels and HUD is not included in this package.


F/A-18C,E version

Excluding Sales Tax
  • F/A-18 kit contain alubond cockpit,  MIP displays housings with with bezels and glow in the dark dummy displays. There are preccuted holes for gauges and panels. Cockpit is suitable for any flying gear, but mainly for the Thrustmaster F/A-18 grip and throttle, you can also add the rudder pedals . 

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